Adho mukha śvānāsana

Adho mukha śvānāsana (Downward Facing Dog) is one of the most basic yoga poses out there and for good reason. It can have so many wonderful benefits if practiced properly. Down Dog, as it’s often referred to, looks similar to an upside down “V” shape. It is considered a mild inversion because the head is below the hips. It’s one of my favorite poses to practice after sitting for long periods because it helps to lengthen the back, stretch the shoulders and the backs of the legs. It feels really good after sitting forward in a stationary position for long periods. Also, for athletes it can be a good pose for stretching the hamstrings and the calves. Of course, like many yoga poses, some people should avoid practicing this posture altogether, especially if your physical state or medical condition does not permit. The good thing is that there are generally modifications to most yoga poses, such as this one, so that similar benefits can be enjoyed. There are so many great resources on this particular yoga posture that are worth looking into.