Yoga for Glowing Skin

There are so many different aspects of yoga that can help improve the skin. The combination of mindful movement and thoughtful breathing practiced in yoga definitely helps to restore equilibrium to the body.  Regularly practicing certain yoga poses can help achieve this balance, such as more restorative poses to help alleviate tension and stress. However, I think Trikonasana is one of my favorite poses to help promote oxygen flow and blood circulation throughout the body, thus helping to add a glow to the skin. This pose really opens your chest, which can help to provide more oxygen to the skin. This pose also helps to increase blood circulation to the face. The slight twist in this posture helps to release tension in the lower back, and when there is less tension in the body the skin will become more balanced and improve.  The great thing about yoga is that it awakens us to the realization that everything is connected.  Balanced breathing, leads to a balanced mind, which leads to a more balanced body, which will inevitably lead to better skin.