Mustika Mudra–Cultivating More Compassion in Our Lives

If more people thought of others needs, and feelings with kindness and compassion, this world would be a much gentler place.  I have been blessed with knowing many compassionate people in my life, which has allowed me to develop into a more empathic and kind person. I am so grateful for these wonderful examples in my life.  It’s interesting that the times when I have truly grown to appreciate the value of kindness and compassion are when I haven’t been treated very kindly by others. The pain of those experiences have taught me to value and appreciate compassion, kindness and genuineness all the more.

Lately, I have begun to practice Mustika Mudra in my morning and evening meditations to evoke more compassion in my life.  It’s a simple little hand gesture where you bring both hands into fists pressing the fronts of your fingers against one another and bringing your thumbs to rest against your heart.  As your hands rest against your body in this position, you will begin to feel the warmth between your thumbs and your chest.  As you begin to think of kind, compassionate thoughts, those feelings will flow more strongly in your body and mind.  With each breath, they will become stronger.  Through them, you should become more peaceful, serene and/or energized.  You can sit in meditation holding this mudra for as long as you like.  As you close the meditation, bring your intention to focus on carrying these feelings of kindness and compassion with you as you go about your daily lives.  I have been practicing this mudra for a few weeks now and it’s a wonderful way to start and end the day, bringing more peace into my life.